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Midnight Ghost Hunt Player Count

Image courtesy of Vaulted Sky Games

Although still in early access, and with some hype dying down upon its initial release back in March, Midnight Ghost Hunt has managed to maintain a reasonably large audience in its first weeks and months on Steam. Here is everything you need to know about the player count of Midnight Ghost Hunt.

Midnight Ghost Hunt Player Count

Midnight Ghost Hunt has released to very positive reviews on Steam in just two months of early access. The game puts a very interesting spin on the team deathmatch offense/defense game mode, with the ghost team starting out weak and trying to survive, before turning the tables on the ghost hunters when the clock strikes midnight.

According to Steamcharts while Midnight Ghost Hunt has predictably declined in player count since its initial release and brief moment in the sun on Twitch, even during the lowest traffic periods the game has over 300 concurrent players, topping out at just under 1000 during high traffic times. Otherwise, the game typically has at least 500-600 players at any given time. For a game that only requires eight players at a time, if you are looking to matchmake into a Midnight Ghost Hunt game you shouldn't have much difficulty.