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Mikaela Reid Added as Newest Survivor in DBD PTB

Photo courtesy of Behaviour Interactive

Mikaela Reid has been added as the newest survivor in Dead by Daylight. She'll make her appearance in the PTB on Sept. 28 and introduce a whole new type of totem: the Boon Totem.

As described in the developer update, "Survivors will be able to bless a totem to change it into a Boon Totem and these blessings are designed to offer comfort to the Survivor Team, a small safe haven. However, unlike a Hex Totem, the Killer can also quickly interact with the created Boon Totem to completely remove the associated blessing, once again turning it into a dull totem, they will also be able to hear the Boon Totem when in its range. Each Survivor can only have one Boon Totem active at a time. This Boon Totem will combine the effects of all of their equipped Boon perks."

Mikaela Reid Added as Newest Survivor in DBD PTB

The new survivor will undoubtedly have multiple Boon Totem perks, giving players a chance at using them in-game. This will be an interesting addition to see if this slows down totem hunting by survivors or changes gameplay mechanics of killers who now have to search for Boon Totems themselves.

This isn't the only massive addition to the game, as Behaviour Interactive is looking at two more killers to balance in the Gunslinger and The Plague. This is following the developer's attempt to nerf the Spirit.