Minecraft Dungeons Camp Secrets: Secret Easter Eggs

Minecraft Dungeons Camp secrets are all about finding hidden loot
Minecraft Dungeons Camp secrets are all about finding hidden loot | Mojang Studios, Double Eleven

Minecraft Dungeons camp secrets are always fun to know if you're spending time relaxing around your camp.

Minecraft Dungeons was just released by Mojang Studios and Double Eleven yesterday and players are already hunting secrets and special Easter eggs. Fortunately, there are several to be found in this brand new streamlined dungeon-crawler. As your character progresses on your adventure, you may just find a few hidden gems alongside your progression.

Minecraft Dungeons Camp Secrets

The first thing you'll want to pay attention to is your house. It may seem small and uninteresting at first, but overtime the structure will grow and change to feature trinkets and treasures from your various adventures throughout the world.

A new Emerald chest will be available in your camp after every level completion so don't forget to seek it out.

Your camp is outfitted with training dummies. Remember to always practice with a new build before taking it out into the world. That's what the dummies are for. Eventually, you'll also unlock plots for the Blacksmith and Trader characters to take up residence in your camp.

In later levels, you'll find your camp has a Cathedral building you can access. After gaining access to it, you will also be greeted by a super secret level only available after completing the story. In that same area, you may also find a portal to the Nether. Obviously, this isn't active, but whether it's part of a later DLC or just a fun callback to the original game remains to be seen.

Finally, there's a secret chest hidden in a difficult location in your camp. If you pass the Nether portal, you may be able to pick your way up the wall behind it. You'll reach the top and hit a gap that can only be passed by a roll. This is, supposedly, the highest point in the camp. Once your feet touch the ground a chest will drop for you to loot containing Emeralds and powerful gear.