Minecraft Dungeons Emeralds: Everything You Need to Know

Minecraft Dungeon Emeralds are the game's main source of currency
Minecraft Dungeon Emeralds are the game's main source of currency / Mojang Studios, Double Eleven

Minecraft Dungeons Emeralds are the newest in-game currency players will need to worry about. An echo of the popular gem from Mojang Studio's original Minecraft title, Emeralds take on a new light in Dungeons as the most common way to barter and buy better gear.

Mojang, in tandem with fellow developer Double Eleven, released Minecraft Dungeons for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC yesterday, May 26. The game is a typical dungeon-crawler featuring the popular "block-y" world of Minecraft. Players will need to navigate dungeon levels and slay various enemies to protect their world against invasion.

Minecraft Dungeons Emeralds

Emeralds are the game's main source of currency. Players can earn Emeralds in dungeons by slaying enemies and opening chests. They can then be used to purchase things from the Trader and Blacksmith.

During dungeon crawls, keep an eye out for large mobs or chests. These will become your biggest targets if you're looking to farm for currency.

There are several ways to increase your Emerald gathering. One source comes from enchantments—of which you'll encounter several on adventure. The enchantment "Prospector" will provide a bonus to how many Emeralds you'll find in dungeons.

Additionally, there are two weapons which can give a boost to your Emerald mining: the Diamond Pickaxe and The Last Laugh.

Completing missions on higher difficulties tend to reward a greater amount of Emeralds, as well.