Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments: How They Work

Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments work on a slightly different scale than in the original title
Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments work on a slightly different scale than in the original title / Mojang Studios, Double Eleven

Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments are some of the best ways to take full advantage of your gear.

Several aspects of the original Minecraft game have made their way into its brand new, recently released spin-off, Minecraft Dungeons. One these is the ever-popular enchanting feature which takes on a whole new life in Dungeons as a reward for growing your character. Players can earn "enchantment points" by leveling up and then spend those points to increase their character's strength through gear.

Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments

The first step to enchanting an item is to earn enough points. As stated before, these can be awarded through leveling up. Players can add an enchantment to a weapon or piece of gear with each point.

Typically, there will only be a single slot on each item to add an enchantment. However, some players have reported that there are items in the game which contain two or three slots when selected.

It is also important to remember that, once spent, enchantment points aren't gone for good. If you'd like to spend them elsewhere, the game gives you the option to salvage them at the cost of the item you've placed them. So, don't be afraid to enchant multiple items at the start to aid you.

Each item will have a specific set of enchantments that can be used on it. Not every sword will be able to shoot fire and not every piece of armor will come with agility.

In fact, it's for this reason that players tend to value enchanting over any item's base stats. Powerful enchantments tend to do more work for you in the long term than collecting gear that has a poor selection of compatible enchantments.

Enchantments also have levels, themselves. You'll need to spend a certain amount of points to reach the maximum rank on any enchantment condition applied. This means you may be spending upwards of 10 points per item. Fortunately, due to the salvage system, this is rarely an issue moving forward.