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Minecraft Dungeons Hits 10 Million Players

Minecraft Dungeons hits 10 million players
Minecraft Dungeons hits 10 million players / Mojang Studios

Minecraft Dungeons has accomplished the impressive feat of amassing ten million players. The game reaches the achievement less than one year after its May 2020 release.

Minecraft Dungeons Hits 10 Million Players

To celebrate ten million players, Minecraft Dungeons is adding a free pet and cape to the game. The new content will be available in all players' inventories on Feb. 24. This gift will coincide with a patch update on the same date.

Minecraft Dungeons is a spin-off of the ever-popular sandbox game Minecraft. Dungeons abandons the building, mining, and creating aspects of Minecraft in favor of hack-and-slash gameplay. Players navigate through procedurally generated dungeons where they encounter monsters, traps, and boss battles.

Minecraft Dungeons is set within the same universe as the original game and features the same patented art style. Contrary to most dungeon crawlers, there is no class system in Minecraft Dungeons. This allows players to use any weapon or armor in the game that they acquire.

Minecraft Dungeons has not been met with the same critical acclaim as Minecraft. Many critics view its gameplay as simple and lacking depth in its procedural generation system. Despite these critiques, hitting ten million players suggests that many are thoroughly enjoying the game.

Minecraft Dungeons' player base will continue to grow given its current numbers and correlation to the best-selling game of all time. This is good news for Mojang Studios given that Minecraft Earth is set to shut down in June.