Minecraft Dungeons Secret Mission: How to Complete the Cow Level

Minecraft Dungeons secret mission contains a reference to another popular dungeon-crawler
Minecraft Dungeons secret mission contains a reference to another popular dungeon-crawler / Mojang Studios, Double Eleven

Minecraft Dungeons secret mission can only be found if the player is committed to searching out every hidden rune in the game.

Despite its recent release, Mojang Studios' Minecraft dungeon-crawler spin-off, the aptly named Minecraft Dungeons, is already being mined, itself, for hidden loot and secrets that players can access. One of these is the top secret mission that can only be unlocked after completing the base game and locating all the runes. As it turns out, this game isn't that far off from Blizzard's Diablo, after all.

Minecraft Dungeons Secret Mission: How to Complete the Cow Level

The first step to unlocking this mission is to collect the runes. Below you'll find a streamlined guide to the precise location of each. There are nine in total with one corresponding to every important part of the map.

The Creeper Woods rune can be found as you're freeing the five villagers. Look for cobblestone toward the southwest corner of the map and interact with them. This will open a passage at the end of which the rune will be waiting.

Soggy Swamp's rune is also located at the end of the level. Look for vines climbing a stone pillar with mushrooms at the bottom. There's a button hidden around the mushrooms that will open the passage.

You can find the Cacti Canyon rune as you're searching for the blue key. In that same area, look around the gate on the left for a plant that will prompt the opening of a rune passage just behind the key, itself.

Pumpkin Pastures has a rune that comes in two parts. When you reach the castle wall, investigate the crates and boxes littered on it. One of these will contain the activation for the rune passage at the end of the level.

Redstone Mines' rune is located on the area where you're asked to free the five villagers. Locate the passage button at the far side of the room behind some redstone blocks.

The Desert Temple will have your rune passage button near a palm tree in the room adjacent to where you pick up the golden key.

You'll locate the Fiery Forge rune passage button in the back left corner of where you see the fallen Redstone Golem.

Highblock Halls' rune passage button can be found at the top of the marketplace. You're there to crash the party, anyway, so you might as well do some exploring. It may be difficult to locate at first so keep your eyes peeled for two stained glass windows which will be situated just above the switch wall.

The Obsidian Pinnacle's rune passage button can be found in the small library just before you return outside. Search the bookshelves for a manipulable book which, when pulled, will reveal a secret room with the rune and other loot.

Once you've collected the nine runes, return to the cathedral and find the wall with the developers' portraits. Activating a button here will open yet another passage to take you to the secret mission: Moo?

Yes, that's right. The mission is called "Moo?" and takes place on Mooshroom Island. You'll be fighting comically aggressive cows with a Monstrosity at the end. This is a reference to a Diablo level where the player characters also get to fight through cows.