Minecraft Dungeons Soggy Cave: How to Clear the Dungeon

Minecraft Dungeons Soggy Cave and how to complete its puzzles
Minecraft Dungeons Soggy Cave and how to complete its puzzles / Mojang Studios, Double Eleven

Minecraft Dungeons Soggy Cave is a dungeon found in the Soggy Swamp mission that has been giving some players a bit of frustration.

In Mojang Studios' newest spin-off of the Minecraft franchise, Minecraft Dungeons, released yesterday on May 26, players are tasked with navigating an increasingly dangerous world threatened by invasion. It's up to you to build your character and make your way through a series of dungeons while battling back enemies for the good of the villagers and world.

Minecraft Dungeons Soggy Cave: How to Beat the Dungeon

The Soggy Cave is the dungeon players will have to complete in the mission Soggy Swamp.

In order to unlock the Soggy Cave, you'll need to start the mission and make your way to the second part of the map where you'll find the dungeon entrance located on the left side. Don't forget about the Enderman fight at the very beginning. Once you hit ruins, you'll know you're headed in the right direction.

Proceed inside, complete the dungeon, grab the map, and make it through to the other side to unlock the area completely. This, however, has been causing some issues as there are two puzzles adventurers will need to figure out before advancing.

The first puzzle is a simple block moving game. You'll find two buttons on either side to summon, raise, and lower blocks in front of you. The goal is align them. Note that the left button will always raise the middle block while the right will lower the last and raise the other.

The second puzzle follows similar mechanics with four buttons. The first lowers the most recent block and raises the one behind it. The second will adjust the second and fourth. The third adjusts three of the middle blocks. The fourth and final will lower the most recent block and raise the one behind it.

The best way to complete the second puzzle is to raise the first and fifth blocks while then hitting the third button to raise the middle three for alignment.

Players should be able to proceed through the dungeon without issue after this.