Minecraft Ultimate to Host Massive Content Creator Collaboration

Photo by Mojang/Minecraft Ultimate

Minecraft Ultimate will be hosting a massive 200 creator collaboration event on Oct. 17 at 4 p.m. ET. The participants will be duking it out in Minecraft Hunger Games in teams of four to raise money for a charity of their choice.

The list of participants for this event includes creators like: CaptainSparklez, Badboyhalo, Destiny, Dedreviil, QuarterJade, Tiko, Skeppy, Punz, Grizzy, and Kyroz. The full list of this season's participants can be found on Minecraft Ultimate's Website.

Much like "sponsors" in the Hunger Games in the books and movie series, viewers can donate money via the Minecraft Ultimate website to send their favorite player a helpful item. The money will then be donated to the charity that a particular player is representing in the tournament.

This will be the third season of Minecraft Ultimate hosted in 2020. The previous two cumulatively featured over 250 streamers from around the world and raised $75,000 for charity. Due to the success of the previous two Minecraft Ultimate plans to host four to five Hunger Games events a year in the future.

Players can also participate in more casual events on Minecraft Ultimate's public server at play.mcu.live.