Minor PUBG Console Patch Fixes Desync Issues

PUBG Corp released a small patch on consoles fixing bugs.
PUBG Corp released a small patch on consoles fixing bugs. / Photo by PUBG Corp

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS received a small update for consoles last night to fix a few minor issues that affected matchmaking, leadersboards and desync issues.

PUBG console Update 7.3 was released on June 23 which introduced the new throwable weapon, C4. The update also brought in improvements to vehicles, giving different damage multipliers to areas and a delay in the final explosion. Lastly, the update targeted cheaters with a new anti-cheat update created to further tackle them in game.

Minor PUBG Console Patch Fixes Multiple Bugs

A small PUBG update was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to fix a few minor issues that have affected console players.

PUBG Corp released the small update without needing any downtime like most updates. The update consists of three main fixes that would make the gaming experience better for PUBG players.

A matchmaking fix was issued to make sure games did not start with less than the required amount of players, whilst ranked leaderboards were fixed that was being experiencing visual errors. Lastly, a desync issue was finally fixed to prevent cases.

The last issue is the biggest of the three as many players are having issues with desync. This includes information not being accurate for teammates, gunshots sounds not heard till a second later or players randomly teleporting.

The next major PUBG update is scheduled for July 22.