Mirage Player Performs Textbook Bamboozle

This Mirage player tricked the hell out of their opponents.
This Mirage player tricked the hell out of their opponents. / Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Mirage players have complained that the Legend is underpowered for months, but there remain situations in which the empty-headed trickster shines brightest of any Legend.

This clip, posted to the Apex Legends subreddit Saturday by u/LostLobsters, puts the Mirage player in a tricky situation. But there are none trickier than Mirage.

The video begins with LostLobsters as the only surviving member of their team, going up against one other team of two in the final circle. Wielding a Mastiff, LostLobsters finds the enemy team on the other side of a wall and takes a couple of potshots, knocking down one enemy.

The downed enemy throws their knockdown shield up, allowing their teammate to use it as cover, and LostLobsters struggles to land shots on the living enemy. They decide to deploy their tactical ability on one side of the wall and peek the other, tricking the enemy and sneaking in enough damage to crack the living opponent's armor.

Next, LostLobsters uses their ultimate ability, sneaking behind the enemies while invisible. They line up their reticle with the unsuspecting enemy's head, then blast them at point blank range with the Mastiff to pick up an easy victory on the back of some big brain bamboozles.