Mirage Rework Rumored in Alleged Apex Legends Leak

Mirage may receive a rework, according to an alleged leak.
Mirage may receive a rework, according to an alleged leak. / Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Mirage may be set for a rework of his kit, according to a video released Wednesday by Apex Legends data miner iLootGames.

Some Apex Legends players have clamored for a buff for Mirage for months as the trickster Legend has found himself outpaced by other characters in-game. Players take particular issue with his ultimate, which many feel is underpowered.

Citing one or more unnamed sources, iLootGames claims Mirage will receive a full kit rework rather than a simple buff. That rework would include giving him the Emergency Dance Party ability from the Dummies Big Day limited-time mode, which spawned a legion of holograms that copied the player's movements. iLootGames is unsure whether the ability will replace Mirage's Tactical or Ultimate, or if it will fit into the kit in some other way.

iLootGames attributed recent reported Mirage bugs to the coming changes.

iLootGames typically reveals upcoming Apex Legends features using data mining. The information about a potential Mirage rework has yet to receive backing in data mining.

Apex Legends lead game designer Carlos Pineda confirmed April 7 that Mirage buffs were on their way to the game, but he and the rest of Respawn Entertainment have stayed quiet about what form those buffs will take.