MLB The Show 19 3rd Inning Program: Who are the Bosses?

MLB The Show 19 3rd Inning Program bosses are expected to be revealed Thursday.

MLB The Show 19 features a mode called the "Diamond Dynasty" mode. In this mode, players can collect players, earn XP, and earn further rewards for playing MLB The Show 19.

MLB The Show 19 3rd Inning Program

MLB The Show 19 has been teasing on their official Twitter account the levels of the Bosses that will be featured in the 3rd Inning Program of Diamond Dynasty mode.

Sony San Diego are expected to reveal who the 3rd Inning Bosses are in an official Twitch livestream. The livestream is expected to go live at 6 p.m. ET Thursday.

Cover Photo Courtesy of MLB The Show 19/Sony