MLB The Show 20 All Trophies: Full List of Trophies

MLB The Show 20 Gameplay Reveal trailer
MLB The Show 20 Gameplay Reveal trailer / SIE San Diego Studio, Sony Entertainment

MLB The Show 20 trophies are the key to any true MLB gaming fan's bragging rights. What else would you compare if not achievements?

MLB The Show 20 is the newest baseball simulation game from SIE San Diego Studios and Sony Entertainment. It features everything you've known to expect from this franchise's 15 other installments, including your favorite players, teams, ways to show off your team pride and more.

As it turns out, the 26 released trophies are just icing on the cake.

MLB The Show 20 All Trophies

  • King of the Diamond! - Earn all of The Show™ 20 Trophies.
  • Solid Gold - Equip your entire Diamond Dynasty team with Gold tier player cards or better.
  • Gold Collector - Collect any 30 Gold tier player cards.
  • Show Them Who's Boss - Win a Final Showdown in Diamond Dynasty.
  • Silver But It Feels Like Gold - Reach Silver level 1 in your Universal Profile.
  • Baseball Passport - Collect all 30 Major League Baseball Stadium cards.
  • Down But Not Out - Tie the score after being down by 3 runs in a game.
  • It's So Pretty - Collect any Diamond level player card.
  • One Run For Each One - Score a run or more in each inning of a full 9-inning game.
  • Winning! - Accumulate 10,000 points or more in one session of any single week of Challenge of the Week.
  • The Road Is A Long Journey... - Complete a full regular season in March to October.
  • Vanquished! - Conquer any conquest map to 100% completion.
  • This Day In Baseball History - Complete any Diamond Dynasty Moment.
  • Halfway There! - Reach level 50 in your Universal Profile.
  • They're All Mine! - Collect any 10 equipment items.
  • That Felt Good! - Hit with "Perfect Hit" contact for a home run.
  • Moonshot! - Hit a 400+ ft home run.
  • See Ya! - Strike out a batter with three pitches.
  • Slam It! - Equip any new bat slam animation onto your Road to the Show or Diamond Dynasty character.
  • The Show Showdown! - Participate in a Diamond Dynasty Showdown.
  • That Looks Nice - Equip a nameplate and icon onto your Universal Profile.
  • Not On My Watch - Throw a "Perfect Throw" to home for an out from the outfield.
  • Show Me the Way to Go Home - Have the same player collect two RBI's before scoring a run within a game.
  • Got'em Coach - Throw out a runner attempting to steal by hitting the "Perfect Throw."
  • And So It Begins... - Reach level 10 in your Universal Profile.
  • Blast From the Past - Collect any Silver tier Legend or Flashback card.

MLB The Show 20 releases Mar. 17 for the PlayStation 4.