MLB the Show 20 Fantasy Draft Tips

Tips to make the most of your Fantasy Draft in MLB the Show 20.
Tips to make the most of your Fantasy Draft in MLB the Show 20. / Photo by SIE San Diego

MLB the Show 20 fantasy draft tips will help you draft the best team. Custom teams are usable in more modes now, so here's how to draft in MLB the Show 20.

In The Show 20, you can use custom teams in Franchise mode. Instead of choosing a team for your league, you can run a draft and make a truly unique team.

MLB The Show 20 Fantasy Draft Tips

To start, select the team you want to replace, and then you can customize their identity, logos, uniforms, etc. From there, you can do a Fantasy Draft to select the players you want. The drafts are done with a Snake draft, meaning the team that picked last each round start the next draft round and it goes back and forth from there.

Generally speaking, your first pick should be the best star with a high OVR. From there, you can round out your star with whatever they're lacking. Priority should go to catchers and pitchers, as they're some of the strongest players you can use in The Show 20. Good catchers are a little rarer in The Show 20, so snap one up early on.

Keep aware of what you need to fill out with on your team, and find the best one to fill those roles. If you've never drafted before, you only get better the more you play and are aware of how individual players function.