MLB The Show 20 Gameplay: What to Expect

What you can expect from the gameplay of MLB The Show.
What you can expect from the gameplay of MLB The Show. / Photo by SIE San Diego

MLB The Show 20 gameplay has everything you would expect from the long-running baseball game franchise, but this year has some new twists. Here's what you can expect from MLB The Show 20.

MLB The Show 20 Gameplay: What to Expect

MLB The Show 20 features numerous AI improvements as well as more opportunities for the player to make key decisions that will impact the game. On top of the technical improvements, the animations have been updated to matter more in gameplay.

MLB The Show 20 Gameplay: AI Improvements

The artificial intelligence in The Show 20 gets a few key improvements. For challenges in March to October, the AI will recognize actions better. This helps make completing challenges more straightforward for the player.

MLB The Show 20 Gameplay: New Animation Mechanics

There are over 700 new animations in The Show 20, and these aren't just for cosmetic polish. For example, the way fielders begin their runs will be a factor with the new First Step System. There are new ball blocking animations that play into the new Block Balls system.

MLB The Show 20 Gameplay: More Accurate Displays

For The Show 20, there are more intuitive ways to enter commands with the Extreme Catch Indicator and Throw Home Accuracy Meter. These simulate reaction times and inputs more accurately than previous games. The Button Accuracy Meter also gets improvements, taking into consideration now difficulty and distance of a throw.

MLB The Show 20 Gameplay: Showdown

Showdown is a new game mode for Diamond Dynasty. SIE has yet to reveal what this game mode will look like, but more information should be revealed in future live streams.

MLB The Show 20 Gameplay: Custom Leagues

Custom Leagues is another new game mode, where you set all of the rules for your own custom online league down to tournament bracket. You can also set the rosters as either the live roster that is updated, or your own Diamond Dynasty collection.