MLB The Show 20 New Features: Every New Feature Detailed

MLB The Show 20 is coming March 17 with new features
MLB The Show 20 is coming March 17 with new features / Photo by SIE San Diego

MLB The Show 20 new features have been added to the long-running baseball game series. For the 15th anniversary of MLB The Show, several cosmetic and technical polishes have been implemented.

MLB The Show 20 New Features

The latest trailer showed off new gameplay and intelligence updates. There's a new hitting tier, Perfect Perfect, that will give you a perfect timing and perfect contact rating when your swing timing and plate coverage are the best.

MLB The Show 20 Outfield Throw Home Indicator

There's a new Outfield Throw Home Indicator that allows you to get the runner right before home.

MLB The Show 20 Extreme Catch Indicator

Extreme Catch Indicators opens up possibilities and options for catching in defense. There are now more opportunities to make riskier, but high reward catches. Quick thinking and decision making will be more important than ever.

MLB The Show 20 Button Accuracy Meter

The Button Accuracy Meter get some improvements, it's now faster and changes based on difficulty and distance of the throw, as well as the defender's arm accuracy. It's also more responsive to player inputs now.

MLB The Show 20 First Step System

The new First Step System shows just how animations will make a big impact on this game. The way fielders begin their runs will be a significant factor to their ability and success.

According to the Gameplay Rewind Extended Cut trailer, there are over 700 new animations.

Attributes will now be displayed in game and in real time.

MLB The Show 20 Showdown

Showdown is a new Diamond Dynasty game mode where you draft players and upgrade them to "take on the most feared pitchers". There will be more information on this game mode to come.

March to October has been overhauled. There is now more player development, more flexible settings, and a new rewards structure.

Dynamic Challenges has an intelligence overhaul, making it clearer and more straightforward to complete challenges as the game will recognize actions better.

There are now infield social rankings between players.

A new block balls system makes defense ratings matter more. There are also all new animations for blocking balls.

The original trailer also shows off a few new featured players- legendary former players Gary Sheffield, John Franco, David Ortiz and Mariano Rivera will be playable in MLB The Show 20.

MLB The Show 20 launches March 17.