MLB the Show 20 Online League: Everything You Need to Know

MLB the Show 20 Online League
MLB the Show 20 Online League / Photo Courtesy of Sony San Diego

MLB The Show 20 online league allows you to enjoy your custom league for more personalized gameplay experiences. Here is a look at what the new Online League entails.

MLB the Show 20 Online League

In MLB The Show 20, players can now create their online league with plenty of customization options. These options include Name, Atmosphere (Competitive or Relaxed), Membership, Teams, Postseason Teams, Innings, Games Per Series and so much more.

There are two types of leagues in MLB The Show 20: 40-Man Live MLB Leagues and Diamond Dynasty Collection Leagues. The 40-Man Live MLB Leagues are updated frequently and use the 40 man rosters of all 30 teams. If you are unhappy with your roster, you can always attempt to trade. The other Diamond Dynasty league allows you to use your Diamond Dynasty player collections to build your lineup.

There is also a season-long format with the postseason. If your team didn't make the postseason, don't worry, there is no limit on the number of seasons you can play. Your league creation determines your regular season length, the number of teams, and the amount of times teams play each other. Regular season games can be played in any order too.