MLB The Show 20 Pitching Tips

Pitching tips to maximize your game in MLB The Show 20.
Pitching tips to maximize your game in MLB The Show 20. / Photo by SIE San Diego

MLB The Show 20 pitching tips will help you play the best and rack up the strikeouts. There are a couple of simple option and play changes that will instantly improve your game in MLB The Show 20.

MLB The Show 20 Pitching Tips

Set Pitching Interface to Pure Analog

Pure Analog will give you the most control over your throws. It will take some time to get used to if you haven't played with Pure Analog before.

Change Your Pitching View

You'll have to experiment and find the Pitching View that works the best for you. You can find a few that work, and if you're in a funk and pitching poorly you can switch views to keep it fresh.

Set Pitch Trail On in the Pitching Ball Marker

You can see more accurately where you'll be throwing.

Aim at the Corners

This is a basic principle for good pitching in The Show. You want to make the batter work harder to get hits. Avoid the center or you'll be blown out.

Look at the Meter, not the Pitcher

It may be tempting to look at the new pitching animations, but you want to be sure you're hitting the marker accurately when you pitch.

Change up your Pitches

Like any competitive game, you don't want to fall into patterns your opponents can exploit. Don't always lead with the same pitch, and try to throw the batter off.

Watch the Batter's Habits

Pay attention to your opponent's play habits, and look for things to exploit. You want to punish them for following patterns.

Use Pitchers with Sliders and Sinks

Sliders and Sinks are among the best pitches you can use, so look out for pitchers who can throw them. Sinks are particularly hard to interact with if done well.