MLB The Show 20 Sliders Options and How they Operate

How to tweak the sliders in MLB the Show 20 to make the most of your game.
How to tweak the sliders in MLB the Show 20 to make the most of your game. / Photo by SIE San Diego

MLB The Show 20 sliders let you adjust how your game feels and operates. MLB the Show had always needed a little tweaking to make it feel just right, and you'll have to find out what works best for you in The Show 20. Here are a couple of basic tweaks you can try to improve your game.

MLB The Show 20 Sliders

In your Options tab, you can adjust the interface in game. You can adjust how you view hitting and pitching, and finding a setting that works well for you will instantly improve you game. Accurate tracking and information is paramount to The Show 20, especially since hitting super-accurate swings will get you Perfect-Perfect.

The biggest thing you can change is setting your camera from Dynamic to Medium or High. The camera moving around less gives you information that's easier to parse, although the further you go the less visually interesting your game will be.

On the Pitching side, Pure Analog pitching is the big change you can implement. Giving yourself full control over pitching lets you change up your pitches and throw the best you can. You can also set your pitching view to one that suits your preference.

When you field, make sure Button Accuracy is set. The accuracy in The Show 20 got a major upgrade, so you take less chances with the computer with the new Button Accuracy mode.

Using the options in MLB the Show 20 lets your tailor your game experience to one that lets your play the best you can. You just have to find the ones that work best for you, so try them all out in a custom game.