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MLB The Show 21 5th Inning Program Release Date Confirmed

Photo by San Diego Studios

MLB The Show 21 5th Inning Program release date was announced by San Diego Studios in the upcoming calendar section of the baseball game.

Inning Programs are the main "battle pass" features of the Diamond Dynasty cycle. Each program features special rewards across the spectrum including players, ballplayer items, stadiums and more. Programs are capped at 650,000 experience points meaning once completed players have to wait for a new release.

These Programs are highlighted with a Boss pack that includes three options halfway through the pass for players to choose from. The latest program featured three 99 rated items: Wander Franco, Eddie Murray and Christy Matthewson.

MLB The Show 21 5th Inning Program Release Date Confirmed

San Diego Studios confirmed in MLB The Show 21 that the 5th Inning Program is set to go live on July 30.

SDS also confirmed that the 5th Inning Program will again feature three 99 overall items. Considering the power curve introduced in Team Affinity Season 3, it makes sense that Program Bosses are now consistently going to be 99 overall. As usually recommended, it's best to take whatever Program Boss either helps your squad or builds toward a specific Collection. Most players have Mariano Rivera already completed so it's about preparing for the next big item.

The 4th Inning Program expires when the 5th Inning Program goes live meaning players will lose whatever rewards they didn't earn.