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MLB The Show 21 5th Inning Showdown Announced for Aug. 3

Photo by San Diego Studios

San Diego Studios revealed a 5th Inning Showdown for MLB The Show 21's Diamond Dynasty coming Aug. 3.

Showdown is one of the single player modes in which players draft and take on the computer in a number of challenges. New Showdowns are released at multiple points throughout a game cycle tied to different content drops. Whether it's a new Inning Program or a Team Affinity set, Showdowns are a quick way to earn experience, packs and eventually players.

The 5th Inning Showdown, tied to the recently released Program, is centered around 99 overall Nolan Ryan.

MLB The Show 21 5th Inning Showdown Announced for August 3

Nolan Ryan is the pitching option in the 5th Inning Boss back which also features 99 overalls for Vladimir Guerrero and Joe Morgan.

Despite not much information being known of the new Showdown, it's expected it'll operate similarly to the 4th Inning Showdown. Players will still draft a squad and perks to battle a number of computer-generated squads with rewards tied to the end of the event. Also, it'll grant players a big chunk of experience toward the 5th Inning.

The 5th Inning Showdown is expected to go live Aug. 3 at 3 p.m. ET.