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MLB The Show 21: 99 Stan Musial Revealed as Battle Royale Reward

Photo by San Diego Studios

San Diego Studios revealed one of the new rewards coming to MLB The Show 21's Battle Royale mode in Diamond Dynasty.

Battle Royale is one of the flagship multiplayer modes in Diamond Dynasty. Players draft squads based on a certain rarity requirement and battle other players. The goal is to win 12 games in a row without losing earning players a special Flawless pack containing unique rewards. SDS refreshes these rewards every so often to include new, high-rated Diamonds. The first new Diamond was revealed by SDS on the official MLB The Show Twitter account.

MLB The Show 21: 99 Stan Musial Revealed as Battle Royale Reward

The first item is a 99 overall Stan Musial card. It is an Awards variant celebrating Musial's 1948 MVP award.

Musial's only previous card released so far in Diamond Dynasty was a St. Louis Cardinals Collection Reward in the Live Series tab. This new item far surpasses that card, as it should considering where the power curve is currently at. Additionally, those who are adept at hitting Flawless quickly will be able to add Musial to the Awards section building toward the 99 Mookie Betts.

There is still a 97 Signature Series card yet to be revealed for Flawless rewards and a new reward at 90 points in the upcoming Program.

The new BR rewards and program go live Aug. 17