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MLB The Show 21 Field of Dreams Program Rewards Revealed

Photo by San Diego Studios

MLB The Show 21 Field of Dreams rewards were revealed Aug. 9 ahead of the new program going live in Diamond Dynasty.

San Diego Studios hosted The Lead Off on YouTube detailing brand new special Diamonds coming to Diamond Dynasty. Programs are at the center of Diamond Dynasty allowing players to earn special rewards by completing challenges. These Programs vary from Innings, Team Affinity, Player Programs and more.

The Field of Dreams program, set to go live Aug. 10, features some big 99 overall Diamonds for players to add to their squads.

MLB The Show 21 Field of Dreams Rewards Revealed

Here's a look at the big player rewards coming to the Field of Dreams Program:

  • 95 - Tom Henke - Blue Jays / Prime (RP) - Earned at 25 points
  • 99 - Brooks Robinson - Orioles / Gold Glove Awards (3B) - Earned at 50 points
  • 99 - Felix Hernandez - Mariners / Perfect Game Milestone (SP) - Earned at 90 Points
  • 99 - Roberto Clemente - Pirates / Signature Series (RF) - Earned at 100 Points

There are other rewards detailed throughout the Program including packs and more. The program is set to go live in Diamond Dynasty around 3 p.m. ET on Tuesday.