MLB The Show 21 Game Update 4: Everything You Need to Know

Photo by SIE San Diego

MLB The Show 21 Game Update 4 was released May 4 as SIE San Diego continues to address server issues plaguing the game post-launch.

MLB The Show 21 marked the first time the baseball video game series was released on Xbox platforms. The game was released on Xbox One, Series X and S and on the Game Pass. As such, fans wonder if the larger player base is having negative effects on server stability. Servers have gone down multiple times so far, but that hasn't stopped fans from enjoying the game.

Here's everything you need to know about MLB The Show 21 Game Update 4.

MLB The Show 21 Game Update 4: Everything You Need to Know

"Our number one priority remains sever stability and performance," SDS said in the update announcement tweet.

Here's a detailed breakdown of everything included in the update:

  • Fixed a crash that would happen after opening presentations in RTTS and Franchise
  • Changes made to sliders - gameplay sliders now cut XP by 50% instead of 100%. Non-gameplay sliders do not impact XP
  • Moved the All-Star game to Colorado
  • Audio fixes for loadDepot park

Additionally, double XP is still turned on which is a nice addition for players who are trying to close out their 1st Inning Programs before it ends.

SIE San Diego also mentioned that it will continue to monitor sever performance and work toward improving stability.