MLB The Show 21 Headliners Set 23 Released: 96 Robb Nen

Photo by San Diego Studios

MLB The Show 21 Headliners Set 23 was released July 15 featuring a new closing pitcher for players to add to their bullpens.

At this point in Diamond Dynasty, a number of high-end relievers have already been released and added to squads. For San Francisco Giants fans, it might be time to remove someone for the new Headliners item. Headliners Set 23 features a 96 overall Milestone card for closer Robb Nen. Nen, a name some might not remember, finished fourth in National League Cy Young voting in 2000 and 12th in MVP voting.

MLB The Show 21 Headliners Set 23 Released: 96 Robb Nen

This is one of the many Milestone reliever cards in the game alongside Jeurys Familia, John Franco, Lee Smith and Mariano Rivera to name a few.

Headliners packs have an account limit of five and cost 7,500 Stubs. Each pack contains four items and an increased chance of packing a Diamond. Of course, it's not guaranteed and more often than not the actual Headliners item goes for roughly around the same price as all five packs together.

Considering the amount of high-end relievers in the game, especially ones that are free to acquire in Team Affinity Season 3, this might be a card players skip out on.