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MLB The Show 21 Prince Fielder: How to Get His 99 Diamond

Photo by San Diego Studios

MLB The Show 21's Prince Fielder item that was recently released in honor of the 2021 All-Star Game festivities is one of the most popular items to drop yet.

Diamond Dynasty users were excited to find out that Prince Fielder's new card is in fact free to earn. Players won't have to spend stubs to collect this item at all giving them a monster 1B with insane pop from both sides.

Fielder already received a card at the beginning of the MLB The Show 21 cycle as a Ranked Seasons 1 reward. This new item eclipses it and should be a mainstay in lineups moving forward. The item celebrates Fielder's 2012 Home Run Derby win becoming the first and only player to win the derby as a member of both the American and National Leagues.

Here's how you can earn the 99 overall Home Run Derby Diamond Prince Fielder.

MLB The Show 21 Prince Fielder: How to Get His 99 Diamond

Fielder's item is part of the All-Star and Home Run Derby collection in Diamond Dynasty.

San Diego Studios released Team Affinity Season 3 celebrating the players that are representing their teams in the mid-season showcase. All of these cards are free to earn by simply grinding the programs through various means. Missions, Moments, Exchanges and a Showdown all earn progress toward these items. There are a total of 30 to earn, and then on top of that there are special Home Run Derby and All-Star Game cards available in Choice Packs.

To get Fielder, players need to collect 30 All-Star and/or Home Run Derby items. The easiest way is to simply complete the Team Affinity Season 3 programs. Completing each division nets 30 players and Fielder. By doing so, players will also earn a special 97 overall Ryne Sandberg.