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MLB The Show 21 Ranked Seasons 5 Rewards Revealed

Photo by San Diego Studios

MLB The Show 21 Ranked Seasons 5 rewards were revealed Aug. 9 ahead of the new season going live the same day.

Ranked Seasons is one of the three premier online competitive modes in MLB The Show's Diamond Dynasty. Players move up and down a ranked ladder based on record and overall rating. Hitting a certain rating and win total over the course of the season will net players special rewards. The top rewards are earned when players either hit World Series at 900 rating or win 40 total games for that season.

Here's a look at the two World Series rewards coming in Ranked Season 5.

MLB The Show 21 Ranked Seasons 5 Rewards Revealed

First off is a 99 overall Francisco Lindor item in the Signature Series set. Lindor has one of the best swings in the game mixed with stellar defense. He's had a down year when it comes to his Live Series item, so this card might be an immediate favorite among players. Additionally, it's another card to build toward the Mookie Betts voucher in Collections.

The second reward is a new Milestone item for Justin Verlander. One of the best pitchers of his generation, this is Verlander's third card this year following his Live Series and Kitchen Sink items. Also rated 99, the sheer amount of pitching options is insane currently in MLB The Show. His other two items weren't that popular among players, but perhaps this new 99 Milestone changes that.

Ranked Seasons 5 goes live in MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty around 6 p.m. ET.