MLB The Show 22 All-Star Showdown Explained

Photo Courtesy of MLB The Show

Another method for players to earn All-Star Program XP in MLB The Show 22 has been released: the MLB The Show 22 All-Star Showdown. In this program, San Diego Studios takes a different approach to its Showdown game mode.

Showdown is a game mode in which you draft a few key players on your team. Each event you take on offers a challenge for you to overcome. Some events allow you to fail and continue to move on, but during the showdown challenges, you must win to move on.

So what is actually different about Showdown for the All-Star Program? Let's take a look.

MLB The Show 22 All-Star Showdown Explained

Typically for programs, one Showdown is released for players to complete. For the All-Star Program, there are going to be two Showdowns. For now, only one of the two Showdowns has been released.

The Showdown released Wednesday is the American League All-Stars of the Franchise Showdown. The players you draft for your team are all members of the American League.

For this showdown, there are no challenge events. Instead, there are only seven showdown challenges. The seven challenges are against each of the American League All-Stars who are pitchers. Those players are:

  • Gregory Soto - DET
  • Paul Blackburn - OAK
  • Shohei Ohtani - LAA
  • Jorge Lopez - BAL
  • Martin Perez - TEX
  • Justin Verlander - HOU
  • Shane McClanahan - TB

The showdown boss and the final boss you will face is the American League All-Star Game starter, Shane McClanahan. While drafting your roster, keep in mind your hitting stats against lefties since McClanahan is a lefty.