MLB The Show 22: Best Updated Roster to Download

MLB The Show 22
MLB The Show 22 / Image courtesy of San Diego Studio

MLB The Show 22 gives users the ability to download logos, uniform designs, and even full rosters through the Vault. These rosters are popular for Franchise and RTTS players who want to play in a more updated league, or even in a league full of legends.

If you want the most up to date roster in MLB The Show 22, but don't want to wait for San Diego Studios to update the rosters on a scheduled basis, here's one of our picks for the best updated roster to download in The Show.

Best Updated Roster to Download in MLB The Show 22

You can always download the Live Roster by MLB The Show by going to Setting-File Management-Load-Live Roster. Make sure to save the roster, which is the most updated one by San Diego Studios.

Rosters are also available through the vault, if you would like to see more custom made rosters featuring accurate player ratings, legends, and fantasy players.

However, one of the more popular roster creators for The Show last year, RidinRosters, will be releasing a new updated roster for MLB The Show 22 that features all of the prospects and new players/trades that the Live Roster in The Show is currently missing. That roster should be live by the end of April.

If you cannot wait until then to start a franchise or just play with the most updated rosters, MLB The Show content creator TheAntOrtiz has also made a solid roster with all the updated contracts, players, and most prospects as well.

Check out his video here on how to download his updated roster to add to your franchise mode. It is a pretty solid one, and will hold nicely until the new RidinRosters updated roster is released, which we recommend as the best one.