MLB The Show 22 BR Spreadsheet: Best to Use

Here's a breakdown of the roster update schedule for MLB The Show 22.
Here's a breakdown of the roster update schedule for MLB The Show 22. / Image courtesy of San Diego Studio

In today's age of video games, Battle Royale's have become extremely popular. Even MLB The Show 22 has its own version of a BR.

Although it is completely different since you are playing baseball instead of fighting people, the idea is still the same.

In MLB The Show, you have a maximum of 12 wins to reach. If you reach that 12-win mark, you will be rewarded a 90 overall live series player. You will also receive additional rewards for every third win. After two losses, you're out and you must start a new attempt.

Through countless attempts and help from many others, some content creators have found spreadsheets to figure out what 90 overall players you will get before it is even revealed.

MLB The Show 22 BR Spreadsheet: Best to Use

There is a lot of information available when it comes to determining what player you will earn. In total, there are 30 teams in the MLB. From each team, there are about three to seven silver players you can earn.

The spreadsheet that we are using for our information, is courtesy of MLB The Show Streamer, GracefulSwan. He has accumulated an entire list of every BR possibility.

There is way too much information for us if we were to go over every single possibility in the game. Instead, we'll discuss which teams of the silver player typically lead to each 90+ overall player.

Corbin Burnes- Orioles, Yankees Red Sox, Cubs, Nationals and Diamondbacks
Josh Hader- The AL East, White Sox and Reds
Max Scherzer- Nationals, Cubs, Brewers, Pirates, Dodgers, Padres and Giants
Aaron Judge- Yankees, Angels, Mariners and Rangers
Bryce Harper- Rays and Free Agents
Jacob DeGrom- Tigers
Paul Goldschmidt- Yankees, Rays, Blue Jays and Guardians
Shane McClanahan- Marlins
Yordan Alvarez- Cubs, Reds, Brewers, Pirates and Free Agents
Byron Buxton- Marlins, Phillies, Cubs and Free Agents
Jose Ramirez- Braves, Marlins and Mets
Shohei Otani- Twins, Mets, Phillies, Nationals, Cubs, Reds, Brewers and Free Agents
Mike Trout- Blue Jays, White Sox, Mariners, Diamondbacks, Brewers, Dodgers, Padres and Free Agent
Ronald Acuna Jr.- Pirates, Cardinals, Rockies, Padres and Free Agents
Fernando Tatis Jr.- Guardians, Tigers, Royals, Twins, Athletics and Free Agent