MLB The Show 22 Extreme Program Release Date

Image courtesy of San Diego Studio

It's been a few years, but one of MLB The Show's most difficult programs is returning. After its absence in last year's game, the Extreme Program is coming back to The Show 22.

The Extreme Program is exactly what it sounds like — extreme. You will have to complete moments, missions, a conquest map and a showdown. But these won't be ordinary, and instead put players to the ultimate test.

MLB The Show 22 Extreme Program Release Date

When is the Extreme Program Releasing?

According to the MLB The Show schedule, the Extreme Program is expected to release this Friday, Aug. 26 at 3 p.m. EST.

What is the Extreme Program?

The Extreme Program is when MLB The Show gives the chance at a few really good players. The only problem is that they are extremely difficult to earn.

The missions, moments, conquest and showdown are all almost impossible to complete due to the difficulty.

Nothing has been revealed yet, except for the description on the schedule. The description reads, "The long-awaited return! Earn ? total bosses; Challenge your skills in Conquest, ? and ?; Prepare for the first-ever Parallel V Mission; Starts Friday @ noon PT,"

A strange message, but it reveals a few details about the program. There will be more than one boss available to earn. There will be a conquest map available. Lastly, there will be an extremely time-consuming mission as well. It is unknown what player we will have to get to Parallel V.