MLB The Show 22 Mets Theme Team

Mets' scoreboard
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The MLB season has seen a lot of great moments. Now that we have a lot of great cards in the game, it's time to take a look at some theme teams in MLB The Show 22.

As more players are released, the team will change. But, as of now, this is the best team available.

Before we start, let's go over some of the guidelines we'll use:

  1. At least two current active players.
  2. In order to qualify for the team, the player must have played at least one 50 games with the team, or Future Stars cards.
  3. The player's card can be of a different team, as long as they played for the specific theme team at some point.
  4. The team will consist of eight position players and three pitchers, one starter and two relievers.
  5. No secondary positions, only primary positions.
Pete Alonso
New York Yankees v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

MLB The Show 22 Mets Theme Team

Our next Theme Team we will break down will be the New York Mets.

Catcher - Takashi Okazaki Mike Piazza #31

Our catcher was a tough choice since the Mets have two 96 overall catchers. But we choose Mike Piazza over Gary Carter. Piazza has 100+ in all hitting stats with some pretty good defense. So we choose 96 overall Takashi Okazaki Mike Piazza as our catcher.

First Base - Home Run Derby Pete Alonso #20

Our first basemen choice wasn't as hard as the catcher. Our two choices were Pete Alonso and Pete Alonso, so of course, we choose the better Pete Alonso. 97 Home Run Derby Pete Alonso is our Met's first basemen.

Second Base - Live Series Jeff McNeil #1

Second base is tough since there just aren't any good Mets second basemen. We could have picked the 97 overall Javier Baez, but he did not play enough games. So we have to take the 79 overall Live Series Jeff McNeil.

Third Base - Future Stars Brett Baty #22

Third base was another easy one as Brett Baty was the clear-cut choice. He has almost a 100 in each of his hitting stats to go with some great defense. 95 overall Future Stars Brett Baty is our choice for third base.

Shortstop - Faces of the Franchise Francisco Lindor #12

The best second basemen the Mets have in MLB The Show is the 90 overall Faces of the Franchise Fransisco Lindor. Lindor isn't a bad choice either since he has above-average stats to go with outstanding defense.

Left Field - 2001 Second Half Gary Sheffield #10

Now, our left-field choice may not be known as a Met, but Gary Sheffield played his final season in Queens. This Sheffield card comes from his time with the Dodgers and it absolutely rakes with, great hitting stats all-around. So 93 overall 2001 Second Half Gary Sheffield makes the roster in left field.

Center Field - Silver Slugger Curtis Granderson #14

Another player not known as a Met, Curtis Granderson played four seasons in Queens. But this Granderson card is from the other New York team, the Yankees. Granderson has slightly lower contact, but great speed and power to make up for it. 95 overall Silver Slugger Curtis Granderson takes the spot in center for the Mets.

Right Field - Topps Now Starling Marte #6

Now for the newest, and free to earn 95 overall Topps Now Starling Marte. He's fast and can hit both sides. And his power isn't too bad either. All around, Marte is a great right fielder.

Staring Pitcher - Retro 1998 Finest Al Leiter #22

Now for the highest overall Met, 98 overall 1998 Retro Finest Al Leiter. Leiter isn't a guy who will overpower batters, but he has great movement and control.

Relief Pitcher - 2019 Second Half Seth Lugo #67

Seth Lugo will be a great bullpen arm for you. He has a great pitch mix and good movement. 90 overall Seth Lugo is our choice for reliever.

Closing Pitcher - All-Star Edwin Diaz #39

Now for our last pick, and it sure was easy. 97 overall All-Star Edwin Diaz is our Mets theme team closer. He has great movement and overpowering stuff that will shut down the ninth inning.

Batting Order

1. Starling Marte

2. Gary Sheffield

3. Mike Piazza

4. Pete Alonso

5. Curtis Granderson

6. Brett Baty

7. Francisco Lindor

8. Jeff McNeil

9. Al Leiter

If you want to use secondary positions for your own Theme Team, the Topps Now Eduardo Escobar is a great option at second base over McNeil.