MLB The Show 22 Mini Season Mystery Missions: September 2022

Image courtesy of San Diego Studio

Each month, MLB The Show updates its goals for the Mini Seasons. In addition to the several goals that tell you what you need to complete them, MLB The Show offers two mystery missions.

This month, MLB The Show has revealed two Mystery Missions. "That's a mighty fine swing you got there!" and "Is it October yet?" are the names of the two mystery missions.

MLB The Show 22 Mini Season Mystery Mission: September 2022

For each mystery you solve, you will be rewarded with a Mystery Choice Pack. You cannot see what the pack is before earning it, but the reward for each will be a Headliners Choice Pack.

The first mystery is, "That's a mighty fine swing you got there!" For this mission, you will need to hit two Home Runs with Finest cards. That's the hint, fine swing needs finest cards. For this mission, use hitter-friendly stadiums like Coors Field.

The second mystery is "Is it October yet?" For this mission you will need to get 10 hits with Postseason cards in one Mini Season. Just like last time, there is a hint in the name. The postseason takes place in the month of October.

Both of these goals will expire on Sept. 30 at 3 p.m. ET.