MLB The Show 22 Moonshot Event Scheduled for June 16

Photo Courtesy of MLB on YouTube

The fan-favorite Moonshot Event is coming back to MLB The Show 22 on June 16. This time, the Moonshot Event will look just a little bit different.

All of the details about the event such as length, qualifications and rewards will all be listed here.

MLB The Show 22 Moonshot Event Set to Begin on June 16

Yup as you just read, the start date for the Moonshot Event is this Thursday, June 16. Currently, MLB The Show 22 has not yet announced when the end date will be. This is the second time this year that we have had the Moonshot Event. Last time the event lasted for five days. If the timeframe is the same again, the most likely end date is next Tuesday, June 21.

What Players Will be Allowed?

In MLB The Show 21, the Moonshot Event saw players using whatever hitters they wanted, but the pitchers had to be of the common variety. But what players are allowed this time?


Any hitter is allowed to be used. Diamond, Gold, Silver, etc. Whichever player you hit best with, use.


The twist to the event comes here, the pitchers. This year, players are allowed to use slightly better pitchers. The pitchers can now be bronze or lower, but they have to be a righty. For pitchers, only right-handed pitchers with a rarity bronze or lower can be used.

What are the Rewards?

Currently, the rewards for the Moonshot event have not been announced. In typical MLB The Show fashion, we expect the rewards to be revealed either tomorrow, Wednesday, June 15 or Thursday, June 16.

For those new to the event, don't expect to be perfect. The event is called the Moonshot Event for a reason. Diamond hitters hitting the life out of the ball thrown by a bronze pitcher. The best way to stay alive in this event, is to crush the ball and maybe change up your pitchers to try and fool your opponent.