MLB The Show 22 Red Sox Theme Team

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox / Jim Rogash/GettyImages

It's been a great season so far filled with great moments for baseball. We've got some pretty great cards, enough to start making some real theme teams in MLB The Show 22.

As more players are released, the teams will change. But this is the best team available as of now.

Before we start, let's go over some of the guidelines we'll use:

  1. At least two current active players
  2. In order to qualify for the team, the player must have played at least 50 games with the team, or Future Stars cards. Pitchers need at least 20 appearances to qualify
  3. The player's card can be of a different team, as long as they played for the specific theme team at some point
  4. The team will consist of eight position players and three pitchers, one starter and two relievers
  5. No secondary positions, only primary positions
David Ortiz
Cleveland Guardians v Boston Red Sox / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

MLB The Show 22 Boston Red Sox Theme Team

The next theme team we'll take a look at is the Boston Red Sox.

Catcher - 2011 Second Half Mike Napoli #25

Our first card is catcher, Mike Napoli. Napoli spent three years in Boston, but his 96 overall 2001 Second Half season was with the Texas Rangers. He has almost max contact against both and great power too. Napoli is an easy choice at catcher.

First Base - Prime David Ortiz #34

This was the easiest choice for the whole team. 99 overall Prime Big Papi. He crushes the baseball with absolute ease. The downside is his defense and speed, but that's okay.

Second Base - Milestone Brock Holt #26

Our second basemen will be Milestone Brock Holt. Holt was awarded his 91 overall card for one of his two career cycles. Holt has great stats across the board and will make a great second baseman.

Third Base - May 2022 Lightning POTM Rafael Devers #11

Back in May of this year, Rafael Devers had an outstanding month. He has good contact and power against both sides. And to top it off, his 95 overall card has some great defense too.

Short Stop - Silver Slugger Xander Bogaerts #2

Xander Bogaerts gets the start at short for the theme team. He has almost 100 in all major hitting stats and his great speed. Bogaerts has one of the best swings in all of the game. His 96 overall Silver Slugger Card was an easy choice.

Left Field - All-Star J.D. Martinez #28

Left field was again an easy choice. All-Star J.D. Martinez has some of the best contact stats in the game. Paired with average power, Martinez is a great left fielder to use.

Center Field - 2004 Veteran Johnny Damon #18

Center field was difficult to find. The best available option is 84 overall 2004 Veteran Johnny Damon. He has average stats all around with above-average speed.

Right Field - 2018 All-Star Mookie Betts #50

This pick will make some Red Sox fans upset, but it is Mookie Betts. Although he isn't in Boston anymore, his 95 overall 2018 All-Star Card is amazing. He has great contact, defense and speed. And he has such an easy swing to hit with.

Starting Pitcher - June 2015 Lightning Chris Sale #49

Now for the pitchers. First up, is June 2015 Lightning Chris Sale. This was when he was a member of the White Sox, but for the last few healthy seasons in Boston, Sale has been lights out like usual.

Relief Pitcher - 2018 Postseason Nathan Eovaldi #24

Our relief pitcher choice is basically a starting pitcher. In 2018, Nathan Eovaldi started and threw out of the bullpen for the Red Sox as they won the World Series.

Closing Pitcher- Takashi Okazaki Eric Gagne #38

Now for our last choice, which was a bit difficult to find. But we get to choose 93 overall Takashi Okazaki Eric Gagne. He wasn't known as a Red Sox, but he met the qualifications to make this team as the closer.

Batting Order:

1. Mookie Betts

2. J.D. Martinez

3. David Ortiz

4. Mike Napoli

5. Xander Bogaerts

6. Rafael Devers

7. Brock Holt

8. Johnny Damon

9. Chris Sale