MLB The Show 23 Double Trouble: How to Complete the Mystery Mission

Sony San Diego Studios

MLB The Show 23 Double Trouble Mystery Mission is now live as part of the Lefty Loosey Mini Season.

Mystery Missions are released periodically throughout an MLB The Show Diamond Dynasty cycle giving players the chance to earn special rewards by completing in-game objectives. Though, the caveat is that the objective remains a mystery. The Mini Seasons mode has been revamped in MLB The Show 23 including three separate campaigns players can partake in. One of two featured Mini Seasons events is the Lefty Loosey campaign featuring 94 Prime Mark Mulder as the Championship reward.

There are two Mystery Missions as well: That's Tough and Double Trouble which both expire on July 7 at 3 p.m. ET.

MLB The Show 23 Double Trouble: How to Complete the Mystery Mission

Double Trouble requires players to ground into three double plays in a single game. Now, it's not necessarily the most productive mission for those trying to win games, but if players want to maximize their rewards try to get this done early so you won't have to worry about it throughout the campaign. The difficulty doesn't matter, players just have to try to get someone on first and try to hit grounders in the infield. Having slower players as well will help so your baserunners don't beat anything out.

Unfortunately, considering the mission, players will only net themselves a The Show Pack. It's early on in the game, so that's understandable, but players always hope the Mystery Mission is worth it in the long run.

MLB The Show 23 is currently in early access for those who purchased a special edition of the game.