MLB The Show Takashi Okazaki Set 2: Full List of Players

Photo Courtesy of MLB The Show Twitter

For MLB The Show 22, Japanese Star Shohei Otani is on the cover. A new set was added to the game, the Takashi Okazaki set, to honor Otani and his Japanese Culture. Takashi Okazaki is a Japanese manga artist and he designed the card art for several cards in the game.

MLB the Show 22, Takashi Okazaki Card Art
Example of the Takashi Okazaki Card Art / Photo Courtesy of San Diego Studios

MLB The Show Takashi Okazaki Set 2: Full List of Players

For set two, the first legend to be revealed is the Wizard himself, Ozzie Smith. Smith is the first legend to be revealed and he comes with some pretty amazing card art. Known for his famous backflip, Smith's new card art is a drawing of his backflip.

In the post announcing Ozzie Smith, it mentions that he will be in the base round. Assuming that Ozzie and two other legends will be in the 93 overall base round and the last two legends will be a 95 overall or higher. Those two legends will be a part of the rare round with a lower chance of obtaining.

San Diego Studios also revealed the second relief pitcher for Takashi Okazaki Set 2 with Eric Gagne. Texas Rangers catcher Ivan Rodriguez rounds out the base round as the first catcher in the special set.

Pudge, Gagne and Smith will all be in the base round at 93 overall. The first Rare round player is a 96 overall Bob Feller representing Cleveland.

The final player revealed was a 96 overall for Alfonso Soriano celebrating his time with the Chicago Cubs. Fans will remember last year that Soriano was the NL Live Series collection reward at 99 overall. Soriano joins Bob Feller in the Rare Round.

MLB The Show 22 Takashi Okazaki Set 2 will help players move closer to earning the 97 overall Babe Ruth and the Retro Finest George Brett.