Call of Duty

Modern Warfare 2 Attachment Tuning Disabled Due to Bug


Players hoping for a smooth introduction to Activision's newest entry into the Call of Duty franchise will be sorely disappointed as a new bug has been found causing players' games to crash.

Many players have reported that their game has been crashing whenever they equip five attachments onto their weapons. While this is not the only problem that Modern Warfare 2 has faced at launch, developer Infinity Ward has made it clear that they intend to fix this issue as quickly as possible.

Infinity Ward's tweet explains that, because of the bug plaguing the game, they have decided to disable attachment tuning while they attempt to fix the problem. While it is unclear how long this problem will persist, players can rest assured that Infinity Ward has this problem on their radar and that it should be getting fixed in a bug patch sometime soon.

While this attachment bug is Modern Warfare 2's second big bug, the first issue involving the party system causing the game to crash was dealt with in a timely manner, being patched out in roughly a day. This gives hope to many players that attachment tuning will not be gone for too long as Infinity Ward has been keeping up with player grievances.