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Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass Release Date Information

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's battle pass is coming soon, and players are looking forward to its release date. From the pricing to the battle pass progression, here's everything you need to know about the Battle Pass' release date.

When Is Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass Coming Out?

The game's battle pass will arrive on Nov. 16, and Season 1 will be coming during the launch of Warzone 2. It will be available three weeks after the release of the game, but fans say they're relieved that the battle pass has an official arrival date, which has been compared to the lack of information on the game's upcoming hardcore mode.

The Modern Warfare 2 battle pass will have its price set at 1,000 COD points, which is equivalent to ten dollars. Fans can also look forward to a familiar specialty for leaping through tiers, which has its price point set at 150 COD points per square.

The Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition has the Season 1 battle pass, along with more than 40 tier leaps. Players can look forward to this experience with exclusive skins and emblems.

Call of Duty fans can also expect the Modern Warfare 2 battle pass to share progression with Warzone 2 and Warzone mobile. Through the shared progression, players can accumulate their achievements with their ultimate battle pass level. Every game, however, will contain its own special achievements, but most of these features should cross over within these games, according to fans.

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