Call of Duty

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Bug Sends Players to Warzone 2 Menu

Courtesy of Activision

A new bug has cropped up in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Beta that sends players to a menu for Warzone 2 by mistake.

While playing through the first Beta round for Modern Warfare 2, one Reddit user found themselves thrown into a menu for Warzone 2. User Sybrun posted a screenshot of the menu, showing a spread of characters across a red background with "Warzone Private Match" visable in text to the upper left and in the selector at the bottom.

As expected, the player was unable to actually launch the mode and dip into the upcoming map. However, what it does seem to suggest — at least this early on — is that Warzone 2 could be part of the Modern Warfare 2 launcher.

Fans were quick to express their concerns over the two games being lumped together. "Yeah it should still be separate," one user said. "No doubt MW2 will have lots of issues introduced whenever any big WZ2 updates are pushed if they are together."

The possibility of the two titles being on the same launcher also sparks concern over file size. Call of Duty mainline games and the original Warzone have notoriously had large file sizes, causing issues for players with an already limited storage capacity on their platforms.

At the time of writing, Infinity War has yet to confirm whether the two games will be launched together. Fans won't have long to wait, however, with Modern Warfare 2 launching on Oct. 28 and Warzone 2 arriving soon after on Nov.16.