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Modern Warfare 2 Cyber Attack Explained

Activision, Screenshot by DBLTAP

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has brought back the Cyber Attack game mode and we've got the rundown on what new players can expect from it.

Cyber Attack isn't the only classic content being brought back for Modern Warfare 2's Season One. Players will also get to relive intense matches on both Shoot Out and Shipment. Alongside these fan favorites, players will also be able to take on a brand new Special Ops mission and practice for Ranked Mode on maps set with official rulesets.

Modern Warfare 2 Cyber Attack Explained

For those new to this mode, Cyber Attack is quite similar to Search and Destroy. It was first introduced in Call of duty: Modern Warfare and pits two teams of up to six players who must take turns either protecting their data centers or disabling the opponents' data centers with a bomb. In order to beat the other team, a total of five rounds will need to be won.

Teams can win rounds by either completing their objective or eliminating all players from the opposing team. This may seem pretty straightforward, but Cyber Attack allows players to revive teammates. This means players can't rest easy because a losing team has more chances of making a comeback.