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Modern Warfare 2 Party Bug Fix Released

"Players in parties should see significant improvement."
"Players in parties should see significant improvement." / Activision

Players partying up in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II should see "significant improvement" in performance stability thanks to a new update, Infinity Ward announced Saturday.

Now that the highly anticipated launch of Modern Warfare is off and running, it's perhaps no surprise that many players have been encountering bugs involving the Vault Edition and a 'Scan and Repair' error. Thankfully, however, it appears the developers may have addressed on the game's most prominent issues at launch.

On Thursday, Infinity Ward initially tweeted that it was "aware of some players experiencing crashes when partied up," and that it had begun to investigate the issue.

Since then, many players voiced their displeasure with the issue, with most mentioning that the problem often arises when they try queuing up in parties of three or more. After about two matches, the game seems to crash for most if not all of the players in the party.

On Saturday, Infinity Ward announced that a new update for MW2 went live, and specifically includes a mitigation for party-related crashes.

Hopefully, most players will find that the issue has been fixed moving forward.

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