Call of Duty

Modern Warfare 2 Players Go Wild for Burger King Skin


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 officially launched on Oct. 28 with many different customization options for both the weapons and operators. Players can unlock these cosmetics by playing multiplayer or the campaign, and while this is typical of Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 has special ways for players to unlock operator skins.

One of these operator skins, the Burger Town operator skin, is a collaboration between Activision and Burger King where players who buy the Modern Warfare 2 meal at participating Burger King locations will receive a code for the Burger Town operator skin.

Because the skin is redeemable through a code and not tied to specific regions, players have been paying as high as $40 for the code to the Burger Town operator skin.

Although newer fans of the Call of Duty franchise might be confused on why people are paying high amounts of money for a single skin, older fans will know that Burger Town is an important easter egg throughout the Call of Duty franchise.

This fictional fast food restaurant based on the real world Burger King has popped up many times throughout different Call of Duty games and maps, so it is only natural that many devoted Call of Duty fans would desire this skin.