Modern Warfare 2 Prisoner Rescue Mode Explained

Courtesy of Activision

A new game mode is heading to the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 — Prisoner Rescue. Here's how it works.

While we're still in open beta territory for Modern Warfare 2, there's plenty of content for players to get acquainted with ahead of the game's full release. One new mode heading to the iconic shooter is Prisoner Rescue. This team-based mode splits two teams of 1-6 players into the Attackers and the Defenders, with roles switching every two rounds.

The Defenders are tasked with protecting two hostages held in their spawn area, while the Attackers must find and capture them, physically carrying them to the extraction point. While the concept is simple, and similar to ones players might have encountered before, players will need to employ a variety of tactics to ensure success.

How Does Prisoner Rescue Work in Modern Warfare 2?

In Prisoner Rescue, teams are competing to be the first to reach 500 points:

  • The Defending Team earns 50 Points from every prisoner they prevent from getting extracted.
  • The Attacking Team earns 100 Points for every prisoner they extract or hold at the end of a round.
  • The Attacking Team only earns 50 Points if they eliminate all the Defenders without touching a prisoner.

Players can also earn XP for the following:

  • Attackers: carrying prisoners and extracting them
  • Defenders: preventing Attackers from carrying prisoners
  • Both teams: reviving squadmates

Reviving squadmates is key to success here. Players only have a limited amount of lives, and don't die once they've been downed. Sticking close to the team can ensure some quick revives where necessary, earning some XP along the way. Keeping an eye on a downed opponent, however, could be good practice to ensure their teammate doesn't come over to re-level the playing field.

While holding a prisoner, movement and firing are limited. The holder is slowed down cannot complete actions such as going prone, climbing ladders, or using their melee tool. The carrier isn't completely vulnerable though. They get a UAV ping around them, allowing the team to see if enemies are nearby.