Call of Duty

Modern Warfare 2 Streamer Plays With Hacks and Still Loses Game

Fans of the newly released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are banding together to make fun of a Tik Tok streamer who, despite using wall hacks and aimbot, still can't seem to win his games.

Although cheating has always been a part of the Call of Duty franchise, it has never been as publicly available as in recent times. With the rise of internet streaming, people from all different skill levels can show off their gameplay in front of a live audience. While many people use this to show off their skill or their entertaining personality, some use it to advertise their cheats in game.

100 Thieves member JoshChx recently sent out a tweet featuring Tik Tok user Synfuelss' livestream of Modern Warfare 2 while using hacks in game. The tweet called out Synfuelss for going negative while using hacks and eventually losing the game.

Comments on JoshChx's tweet have been slamming the Tik Tok streamer for poor game sense and losing the game despite using hacks. Despite the popularity of the clip in question, which has garnered nearly 1 million views, the account is still up and has not been banned by Tik Tok, leaving many to wonder if Tik Tok will step in to shut the account down.