Call of Duty

Modern Warfare 2 Weapon Tuning Explained

Image courtesy of Activision

At the time of writing, weapon tuning in Modern Warfare 2 has been disabled as there is a glitch causing the game to crash when players equip five attachments onto a weapon.

Modern Warfare 2, the newest entry in the Call of Duty franchise, has officially been released, and coming with it is a system that allows players to tune their weapons to their heart's content. While systems like this have always been in place in Call of Duty, the tuning system this time around allows players greater flexibility in customizing their weapons.

As this is a new system in place, both new and returning players alike will require an explanation on just how to unlock weapon tuning. While every gun is customizable through attachments, weapon tuning goes a step beyond, allowing players an even greater amount of choices to make through their favorite weapons.

To unlock weapon tuning, players will need to reach the max level possible with a gun. After reaching this milestone, a new "tuning" option will be available, allowing attachments and various aspects of the weapon to be customized through a slider.

With the inevitable return of weapon tuning after bug fixes, it appears that this will finally give players the chance to experiment more with their weapons, giving players the chance to create something one of a kind.