Modern Warfare and Warzone Playlist Updates, New Stimulus Mode Playable

Get of jail not-so-free in the new Battle Royale Stimulus Mode.
Get of jail not-so-free in the new Battle Royale Stimulus Mode. / Photo by Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare and Warzone received a playlist update Friday. A new game mode, Stimulus, will replace the solo Battle Royale mode.

Modern Warfare and Warzone Playlist Updates: New Stimulus Mode Playable

Stimulus is like battle royale solo, except instead of fighting it out in the gulag to respawn, you'll only be able to return to the game if you have the cash when you die. You lose half of your cash when you die, and a respawn costs $4,500, meaning you'll need to have $9,000 on you. Will you spend your money on better weapons for an edge in combat, or will you save it to cheat death?

In addition to the new BR twist, helicopters make a return after an exploit was discovered where you can fly one under the map. Gulag is an extraordinarily popular mechanic, and it will be interesting to see which direction Infinity Ward takes when it comes to respawnings in Battle Royale.

On the Modern Warfare side, 24/7 Shipment has been replaced with 10-v-10 Shipment. There's also a new 3-v-3 mode, Knives Only. Shipment is not designed to have 20 players on it, so the mode sounds like some dumb chaotic fun.

Absent in this update is, once again, battle royale duos. Maybe next time?