Modern Warfare Error Code 656448: What it is and How to Fix it

Players experiencing Modern Warfare error code 656448 never get a chance to play the game.
Players experiencing Modern Warfare error code 656448 never get a chance to play the game. / Activision

Players using both consoles and PCs have recently run into problems with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare while attempting to fetch their online profile. After some time on a loading screen, players recieve the error code 656448 and are left unable to play the game. Here's what Modern Warfare error code 656448 is and how you can fix it.

What is Modern Warfare error code 656448?

While Modern Warfare error code 656448 has multiple causes, the general problem it refers to is the same. Whenever a player's profile cannot be fetched, the error code will appear and the player will be unable to play the game.

Sometimes, the error will occur when Activison's servers are down and players have no ability to remedy the error until the servers are back up. But there are also instances where the error will occur after installing a Modern Warfare update, as was the case for some players after the patch that occurred on Jan. 11.

How to fix error code 656448

When the error code first became a major problem four months ago, Activision offered a brief troubleshooting guide advising users to update their graphics card if they were using a PC. While updating your graphics card is not guaranteed to solve your problem, it's a good first step in determining the root of the issue.

If you use a console, then the fix mentioned above will not work for you. Fortunately, there's another way to troubleshoot the issue that involves clearing your console's cache and deleting your saved game data in Modern Warfare. This works for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

Be careful! If you choose to clear your console's cache and saved game data for Modern Warfare, you will not be able to recover it afterward. You will lose all campaign progress and unlocks, so be sure to back up any saved game data to online storage or a USB storage device before going to delete the data.