Modern Warfare III Movement Changes: Full List

Activision / Sledgehammer Games

Modern Warfare III movement changes are set to revamp, or reset mostly, how Call of Duty multiplayer feels for the next year.

Movement has been a contested topic in Call of Duty multiplayer for since the move to jetpacks in 2014 with Advanced Warfare. After years of jetpacks, a return to boots on the ground and major differences between titles, MWIII is once again introducing a different movement system. Activision confirmed via official Call of Duty social accounts that there will be slide cancelling, reload animation cancelling and more.

Here's the full list of movement changes coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, per the Call of Duty post embedded below.

Modern Warfare III Movement Changes: Full List

  • Slide animations can be canceled but will not reset Tactical Sprint
  • Cancel reload animations to return fire with leftover ammo
  • Mantle faster and while sprinting
  • Longer Tactical Sprint durations which recharges while sprinting

MWII's movement system was clunky for many despite the widely requested removal of slide cancelling. The slide and the dive mechanics felt off and sluggish. Sledgehammer Games is hoping to revamp the system and make it more fluid from the apparent changes. As well, Charlie Intel later confirmed that the movement changes will eventually make their way to Warzone when MWIII and the BR merge.

The mantling changes are welcomed though considering how frustrating it can be to accidentally mantle an object in a gunfight.

Can You Slide Cancel in MWIII?

Yep, slide cancelling is all the way back. Though, players won't be able to abuse it like they did in MW 2019 to reset Tactical Sprint. The movement changes should increase gameplay speed and hopefully make the experience more enjoyable overall.

Are There Red Dots in MWIII?

Not to be overshadowed by movement changes, red dots are coming back to minimaps in MWIII. Red dot behavior will operate as it traditionally did before being changed in the previous entry.